• जूलरी शो को प्रमोट करने के लिए आएँगे देश विदेश के ब्लॉगर्स

    शहर के जूलरी डिजाइनर्स कर रहे है जेजेएस की तैयारी, शो में नज़र आएगा लाइट वेट के साथ फैशन जूलरी का

  • JJS Update - June 2017

    The June 2017 update of Jaipur Jewellery Show is out with the latest information about the upcoming show and related industry information.

    The update covers few very important happenings like the forthcoming 17th edition of ICA Congress (21 To 24 October - Jaipur) and newly incorporated Museum of Gems & Jewellery Federation in Jaipur.

    One Major News for International Exhibitors is the introduction of ATA CARNET in Jaipur. This will help our foreign exhibitors to display their jewellery items in the mega JJS Show.

    Click here for more information.

  • 14th JJS Starting from 22 December 2017

    14th Edition of JAIPUR JEWELLERY SHOW is Scheduled to be held from 22nd-25th Dec’17 at Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Centre(JECC), Jaipur. More details will be coming Soon.

  • 6th JJS-IJ Choice Awards - Marriott Hotel, Jaipur

    # These Images are from the previous editions of JJS.

    The 6th edition of JJS-IJ Choice Awards was organized in Marriott hotel. Bollywood actress Mandira Bedi hosted the show; other celebrities were also present there to cheer up young & creative jewelry designers. 26 winners were selected in different categories out of total 115 highly talented jewellery designers.

  • 6 Things to Expect in the Future of Jewellery Trade Shows

    # These Images are from the previous editions of JJS.

    Trade shows have since long played an imperative part in advancing many segments of the business world. By means of offering a platform to the providers of goods and services to exhibit their unique offerings to the world, while also witnessing what their counterparts have in store. Not only have these shows proven to be a successful medium testing the waters in different regions of the nation and even the world without setting up shop, it has also managed to capture the imagination of the visitors who get to explore the tens and hundreds of innovations and variations that are on offer.

    That being said, over the years these very trade shows have proven to be far more imperative when it comes to exhibition of jewellery. While the low-scale jewellers are often content catering to a market confined to their region, the mid-level and large-scale jewellers find it rather compelling to register their presence through the wondrous medium of the exhibits. Apart from offering them the unparalleled opportunity of showcasing their creation to a complete new set of target audiences, the jewellers often benefit from getting a closer look at what their peers and competitors are offering, and whether in any way can they incorporate the same in their collections. As far as the consumers are concerned, whether they are small businesses or end-customers, the trade shows offer them with a great opportunity to look far and beyond from what their own region has to offer.

    However, there is much more to the jewellery trade shows than what we have witnessed by far. With changing times, advancements in technology, and the inclination of the end-consumers towards investing more in lifestyle products than in jewellery, it is only obvious that the convention will experience a radical shift. So, let’s take a look at how, why and in what form will we be seeing these trends!

    1. Domination of Technology
    Technology is proving to be a turnaround means for attracting the attendees at some of the major jewellery exhibitions. Right from offering some customised designs through some simple software for the consumers to see how their intended design would probably look like, to indulging them through some live activities and games by means of their own mobile phones, technology is seen to be one of the fastest growing trends in trade shows.

    Again, collection of consumer data, and transferring the contact details of the exhibitor to the consumer will now be increasingly facilitated through

    One of the most effective means of attracting attendees’ interest is by hosting interactive booth experiences. A growing number of exhibitors are allowing attendees to use tech gadgets at their booths. By incorporating technology into games and contests, exhibitors at the jewellery show give attendees a more exciting & memorable experience.

    The digital badge scanner has enabled exhibitors to instantly collect contact information and store it on an electronic database. Exhibitors no longer have to sort through hundreds of business cards when organizing leads after the event.

    2. Experiential Marketing
    In today’s time, marketing is more inclined toward creating a pull rather than pushing the consumer to buy the product. In such a scenario, it is only obvious that by and large, brands will be required to give their audience a larger than life experience. Right from offering them with enticing beverages and gourmet snacks to plush seats for greater comfort, from assisting them try on their chosen jewellery to transferring the details of the same on their handheld devices for added convenience, and from delivering the ordered items to their doorstep to collecting the payment through options like credit cards and EMI, jewellers will have to go beyond the usual means to please the consumers. While this will help them build a greater rapport with the consumers, it will also ensure better recall value in the long run.

    3. International Visitors
    Thanks to the umpteen reasons, right from the weaker value of the rupee to cheaper skilled labour, India has proven to be a captivating marketing for international tourists and tradesmen alike. It is for this reason, that extensively planned trade shows will have an exceedingly large number of visitors from the foreign lands. While it be rather beneficial for the exhibitors given the increased opportunity of making sales, this will also help them expand their horizons in terms of creating products aimed at this smaller yet high-potential segment of consumers.

    4. Personalization
    Personalisation is key when it comes to modern day marketing, and more so with respect to jewellery making and designing. The likings often vary on the basis of demographics of a region. For instance while people in Delhi seem more inclined toward diamonds, South Indians have always had a liking for all that’s gold. Hence, exhibitors need to accustom themselves to the fact that they will have to offer personalisation services.

    Moreover, in cases where the clients are willing to expend larger sums of money, there can and will be a necessity to design individual boutique pieces for them. What this calls for is the inevitable need for the presence of the brands’ leading designers to be present at the shows in order to give the client a taste of the underlying possibilities.

    5. Online Brands
    Yet another trend that will rule the trade shows in future will be the presence of online brands. The day isn’t too far off, when there’ll be brands functioning solely online, and will come on ground only through such exhibitions. It is the trade shows which will act as their one and only touch-point with their existing as well as potential customers. This will, in a way, rescue the brands from any heavy investments on local stores.

    6. Fashion Jewellery
    With changing taste about everything in life, jewellery is also taking different turns and fashion jewellery is surely on the front seat. People are looking for statement pieces, like earring studs, watches, pendants, necklaces and sunglasses. These means that fashion jewellery is in very much demand and people are looking for exhibitors to offers them wider variety to choose. They look to find stylish options here that fit your budget and make you standout.

  • JJS is bringing a new feather in its already Colorful Extravaganza

    It is great news for jewellery lovers. JJS Always tried to bring the latest jewellery world experience to its visitors & Fans. Hence, This Year as well, JJS 2016 will have exclusive section for costume jewellery as well as Articles & Artefacts. This will be showcased in Hall B. So be ready to experience the mesmerizing Jewellery collection in this exclusive section of costume jewellery as well as Articles & Artefacts.

  • JJS Episode on NDTV Good times

    # These Images are from the previous editions of JJS.

    Jaipur Jewellery Show is back with its episode on NDTV Good times, after a month long hiatus.Watch your TV screen getting splashed in royal Rajasthani jewellery from all illustrious biggies of the league of Jaipur's Jewellers.

    Don't forget to watch it at 7:30 pm (Friday,12th)


    # These Images are from the previous editions of JJS.

    The second day of the 2 day Jaipur Design Festival workshop, witnessed sessions by experts from the industry covering a broad spectrum of topics for students of jewellery design, jewellery start ups as well as jewellery enthusiasts. Interactive and hands on workshops were held today on topics like design creation, design trends as well as brands promotion.

    In the first session -- ‘Design through the Eyes of an Artist’ focused on Recycle Designing. Artist Surender Singh said that both artists and designers use their own individual perception to create designs. He advised the students at the workshop to make optimum use of their creativity and ‘out of the box thinking’.

    In the workshop the students used recyclable material such as beads, buttons, ice cream sticks, thermocol balls to create innovative jewellery designs on canvas.

    She said during the Rajasthan Resurgent, the potential of the state was showcased, that was the best opportunity to showcase the potential in the gem and jewelry sector, but this sector hardly requires any introduction as the trade knows how to achieve its goals.

    In another session Ex Chief Copywriter of O&M andcurrently the Creative Director of Nutcrackers, Ms. Anastassiya Savchenko rendered some valuable tips on StartUp communication strategy. She said that it is of utmost importance that a Start Up should begin with a vision of a brand. It is quintessential to understand what constitutes a brand. A brand more than anything else is a set of values, emotions and philosophy, she added.

    She then went on to highlight the increasing importance of brand communication through social media channels rather than the traditional methods. She said that the jewellers must focus on selling their brand rather than selling their products on social media channels.

    In the session on ‘E – Commerce for Designers’,Mr. Mithun Sacheti of suggested that instead of hiding, design must be allowed to flow. There is a need to move away from the ‘generic’ towards an element of design collections.

    While talking about today’s customer and the times of stressed economy, he opined that today’s consumer is far more knowledgeable due to his/ her newly found best friends – Cellphone, Google and Facebook. Since the real opportunity lies with the masses one must focus on Merchandising, Marketing, Retailing and Financial Business Management.

    He further said that the real opportunity lies with the masses and not the elite. Therefore, one most focus on making jewellery pieces of a lower range like Rs. 10, 000 rather than expensive pieces costing around 1 lakh.

  • CM Credits Organizers Of JJS For Making It A Truly Mega Show

    # These Images are from the previous editions of JJS.

    Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje said that if the Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS) has touched its pinnacle in 13 years, the credit for attaining this height goes to the JJS organisers.

    Inaugurating the 13th edition of the JJS at the Jaipur Exhibitions and Convention Centre (JECC) at Sitapura on Saturday, the Chief Minister said that the JJS has really grown from strength to strength and after a humble start with just 64 booths, the dream of late Rashmikant Durlabh ji has really been attained with the number of participating exhibitor touching the figure of 730 this year.

    It speaks of your untiring efforts and passion. In fact with such success story, the governments should rather learn it from you. My government feels greatly honored with your success and would laud all your efforts to scale the JJS to this high level”, said the Chief Minister.

    She said during the Rajasthan Resurgent, the potential of the state was showcased, that was the best opportunity to showcase the potential in the gem and jewelry sector, but this sector hardly requires any introduction as the trade knows how to achieve its goals.

    She said the Rajasthan Resurgent helped in building the image of the pink city which is also now should be known as the gem city.

    She remembered her family’s association with the Mumbai based Manubhai Jewellers which was for long frequented by the royals of the country for their purchases. She said Manubhai Jewellers was known for its exquisite designs and there was one craftsman called Shinde who with his creative design. Shinde even impressed the world famous jewellery manufacturer Harry Winston, who took him away to United States.

    She said the element of designing is crucial in making a piece of jewellery and with thee fast changing design scenario, only modern approach and the judicious use of technology would help the age old craft to thrive in future.

    She said certification of diamonds and also of the coloured gems stones is the demands of the customer which has to be fulfilled to gain the confidence and trust.

    She said she was happy to learn that the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) has chosen Jaipur to provide it with a machine that would facilitate the process of certification scientifically.

    She said the gem and jewelry industry should not ask for subsidy as it would only force them to become “bonded laborers, instead the industry should pay proper taxes to enable the government give the industry incentives.

    She said the state government would be too willing to support the setting up of a common facility center if it could improve jewellery manufacturing.

    She stressed that the skill development should be taken as a programme else the country would lose designers like Shinde.

    The Chairman of the GJEPC, Mr Praveen Shankar Pandya said the JJS after the India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) of Mumbai has become the second biggest such show in the country.

    Pandya said jewellery making has been a tradition in the country and the business is worth $ 40 billion and provide one million employments. He said the country produces one billion pieces of diamond annually.

    Pandya said the coloured gemstone industry of Jaipur provides employment to 2.5 lakh persons, but Jaipur has to fully exploit its potential and it should embark and venture across the world.

    “The efforts should be to make the whole world a market place for the coloured gemstones of our country. All efforts should be made to shift ruby processing from Bangkok to Jaipur and under the bilateral trade agreements with Africa where large quantity of ruby are mined, special provisions should be made that Jaipur should get its direct supply of ruby from Africa”.

    He said like Mumbai’s SEZ for diamonds, there should be an SEZ in Jaipur for the coloured gem stones.

    He said the Indian diamond industry has been threatened by the Chinese synthetic diamonds and there is need for fighting this Chinese threat .He said this could be done by adopting scientific methods of certification which would build trust in the minds of the consumers.

    Pandya said that the diamond industry is facing recession and the exports are down by 20 percent. “This is the time when the Union government can help the industry by providing interest subsidiary> as the industry provides millions of people jobs. The diamond industry is truly make in India and it has to be saved. Pandya urged that the limit of Rs. 2 lakh on purchase of jewllery that provides for disclosing the PAN card number should be raised to R 10 lakh. Mr Bhaskar Bhatt, managing director of Titan Industries Ltd that the demand for gold is reducing and there is need for enlightening the youth on the virtues of precious and semi-precious stones. He said inland trading of precious and semi-precious would improve only if there is a consistent efforts to create awareness about it. He said this could be done with each stakeholder making his contribution.

    He said the Union government has perception that jewelleries are bought from unaccounted money and the Government get minimal by way of taxation. He said unless this percent is changed, nothing by way of incentives can be expected from the government.

    He said there is need for improving the branding of Indian jewellery also. Welcoming the guests the convener of the JJS Mr Vimal Chand Surana, said the show has made rapid stride and the number of exhibitors has increased 13 times in 13 years

    Mr Surana said ruby has been made the theme this year as it’s a stone which is rare, red and royal.

    He said it has been the endeavor of the JJS to also educate the trade people by making them interact with subject experts and this time there would be six knowledge sessions that would help the grade people getting new ideas.

    He said Jaipur true to its reputation is flourishing as a jewellery manufacturing centre. He said it has transformed as a traditional jewellery making hub to modern hub with the use of the latest machine. He said once there were only 10 units in Sitapura jewellery making zone, now the number is over 150.

    Mr Ajay Kala, joint secretary and spokesperson of JJS who moderated the session said that the JJS in coming years would become truly an international show with large scale international representation. He said that young designers have been encouraged by providing them free booths to display their work.

    Mr. Kala also welcomed the appeal made by the Chief Minister and Mr. Pandya to proactively promote Ruby. He welcomed the delegates on behalf of the JJS. During the inaugural session, the poster was launched by the Chief Minister and the show guide was jointly launched by Mr. Pandya and Mr. Bhatt.

    The brand ambassador of the JJS this year Bollywood star Amrita Rao was also present during the inauguration.

  • 13th JJS Inauguration Ceremony

    # These Images are from the previous editions of JJS.

    The 13th Edition of 4-day long prestigious jewellery Event- Jaipur Jewellery Show has begun today and was inaugurated by Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. JJS Brand Ambassador Amrita was also present in the inauguration. India's Biggest B2B & B2C jewellery show JJS is based on theme Ruby- Red, Rare and Royal. There was a great excitement among the visitors.

  • 13th Edition of JJS Begins

    # These Images are from the previous editions of JJS.

    The 13th Edition of 4-day long prestigious jewellery Event- Jaipur Jewellery Show begins today. Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has inaugurated the event.

    India's Biggest B2B & B2C jewellery show JJS is based on theme Ruby- Red, Rare and Royal. There will be more than 700 booths in the show with 8 special booth dedicated to upcoming designers. 130 Top Jewellery retailers are invited in the show.

  • Exhibitors Meet- The December Show

    # These Images are from the previous editions of JJS.

    JJS 13th Edition will be held from 19 to 22 December 2015 at JECC, Sitapura. New Exhibitors Meet was Held for The December show in a hotel which was attended by 300 Exhibitors. JJS Convener Mr. Vimal Chand Surana told that this time more than 700 booths will be there in JJS due to increasing popularity among the jewelers and customers. This Year Theme is RUBY

  • Indian Jeweller Awards’ Grand Jury Meet Concludes In Mumbai

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    Six-member jury evaluated 115 best designs from all over India.

    21 November 2015, Mumbai: It was an exciting afternoon full of enthusiasm and awe as Indian Jeweller hosted the grand jury meet for the 5th edition of ‘JJS- IJ Jewellers’ Choice Design Awards’ at Sofitel in Mumbai. The distinguished jury evaluated 115 short-listed designs from across India.

    Into its 5th edition, the much-anticipated IJ awards had received overwhelming response in the form of 600+ design entries. Each jury gave points on a scale of 1 to 5 on various factors for each jewellery piece like Innovation, Wear-ability, Uniqueness, Finishing and Designing.

    With the ‘IJ Jewellers’ Choice Design Awards 2015’, Indian Jeweller is bringing forth a brilliant opportunity for manufacturers, retailers and designers of India, to showcase their talent, creativity and products through a unique platform, which is accessible from any part of the country.

    This year’s highly-qualified jury panel comprised: Rajiv Jain : Ex-Chairman of GJEPC, Secretary, Jaipur Jewellery Show, Director, Sambhav Gems; Nirupa Bhatt : MD, GIA India & Middle East; Nikhil Thampi, Nikhil Thampi – Label, Fashion Designer; Laksh Pahuja, Jewellery Designer, Gemma Designer Jewels; Mrinalini Chandra, Jewellery Designer and; Bhavya Kenkare, Architect, Arch-Aid.

    Nikhil Thampi talking about the IJ Awards said "The platform for young designers to come and exhibit with something so precious and expensive, just shows how rich are culture is. I am part of this to promote pure talent, but yes if there is a blatant copy, and then it is something which is upsetting. Originality is why we are all here. I am here to support it."

    Mrinalini Chandra, who seemed quite enchanted by the designs, said "I am actually very excited to be part of it. For me, it is like being in a magical dreamland kind of place. These designs look so beautiful, and are so different from the designs we usually see. It’s so nice to take out the pieces and examine them from all sides. Jewellery should be crafted in such a way that its comfortable. It is important to wear and understand how it fits the body, especially the smaller pieces because of the minute and delicate work involved in it. As a woman, it was tempting to see such amazing designs."

    Winners would be soon announced in a gala ceremony on December 20, 2015. JJS is the title sponsor, while GIA - India is the powered by sponsor. Swarovski Gemstones as the Trophy Sponsor, KGK Diamonds have sponsored 'Diamond Jewellery' Product Category; HVK International has sponsored the “Best Bridal Design” Product Category, while Dalloz has sponsored the Product category - CZ (Cubic Zirconia) Jewellery. is the online partner for the awards while BVC Logistics have come in as an Associate sponsor for the event.

    About Indian Jeweller Magazine, known as IJ:

    Indian Jeweller (IJ) is a niche jewellery magazine targeted at the leading/elite segment of the Indian jewellery retail industry. Indian Jeweller brings to the Indian jewellery industry a complete information package which will provide critical support to the jewellery business from comprehensive news coverage, tracking of trends, analyses of various important industry issues to interviews and personality profiles.

    The magazine’s editorial focuses on the most important aspects of the retail jewellery business: Product – by bringing you topics on design and technology; Place – by exploring the store space and providing handy tips on creating the right ambience; Promotions – by discussing marketing issues with experts who give valuable insights into effective promotional activity.

  • Amrita Rao during JJS episode at NDTV GOODTIMES

    # These Images are from the previous editions of JJS.

    Dazzling ‪‎Amrita Rao in the first episode of JJS on ‪‎NDTV Good Times was looking absolutely stunning & beautiful as the celebrity muse.

  • Watch JJS on NDTVGoodtimes with Amrita Rao

    # These Images are from the previous editions of JJS.

    The JAIPUR JEWELLRY SHOW starting from 27th November 7.30pm every Friday on NDTV GOOD TIMES!!

    Come & Join the beautiful Amrita Rao on a special Journey of Heritage Gems & Jewellery from some of the oldest & most admired Jewellery houses of the Gem City, Jaipur under the scintillating Umbrella of the December Show!


    # These Images are from the previous editions of JJS.

    Jaipur, 7 October: The prestigious Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS) now has a new brand ambassador – the Filmfare Best Female Debut Award winner 2003 and heroine of blockbuster Rajshree Production - Vivah’s (2006) and many other movies- Ms. Amrita Rao.

    Amrita has also been named one of the Times of India “50 Most Desirable Women of India-2011”.

    The JJS Secretary, Mr. Rajiv Jain said: “the trend of having a model and actress as the brand ambassador for JJS began 3 years back. The first brand ambassador three years ago was fashion model and actress Sonal Chauhan followed by actress Simran Kaur two years later. JJS has been continually creating new trends and has become a platform for creative jewellery, hugely popular among the new generation.”

    Mr. Jain further said: “Amritia Rao will be brand ambassador for JJS for one year. She will host 6 episode of Jaipur Jewellery show on NDTV- Good times, a promotional film, as moderator and will talk about art and beauty of Jewellery manufacturing of Jaipur. With Amrita becoming the brand ambassador of JJS- the brand Jaipur will also get a fillip, especially when JJS is becoming the preferred destination for bridal and colourstone jewellery.”

    The brand ambassador, Amrita Rao feels privileged to be associated with an important jewellery show like the Jaipur Jewellery Show. She said she was very fond of the city and adored its jewellery.

    Mr. Ajay Kala, the media coordinator for JJS said that this year, “Ruby – red, rare, royal” is the theme of the show. Gemfields is the prime sponsor, which will undertake promotional activities pan-India for trends in Ruby jewellery. According to Mr. Kala, Jaipur has become a complete source for all type of jewellery in last few years.Jaipur’s Ruby jewellery will be aptly promoted by the brand ambassador, Amrita Rao.

    It is to be noted that the 13th JJS will be held from 19 to 22 December at the last year’s venue, JECC. It will of course be bigger and brighter.